Deposit Accounts

First State Bank & Trust Co. has been serving Panola County for over a century and our commitment to customer satisfaction is stronger than ever. Whatever you're looking for, we have an account to meet your needs.


I'm looking for...

An account with lots of benefits and a low minimum balance.
An account with low fees and unlimited check writing.
An account that will gain interest on my balance.
An account that rewards me for carrying a high balance.

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Savings & CDs

Putting away a little money for the future is something we all want to do. With a First State Bank Savings Account and Certificates of Deposit, we simplify things for you and let your money work for you!

I want a simple account where I can make withdrawals.
I want to put away money to send my child to college.
I want to earn a high interest rate and won't be making withdrawals.
I need an account to save up money for special purchases.

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