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First State Bank & Trust Company is proud to offer the First State Debit Card. This great service is available to all eligible customers who have a checking account with us! You can use your card anywhere MasterCard® is accepted. But it's more than just a check card. The First State Debit Card is also your ATM card, so you can use it to withdraw, deposit or transfer funds 24 hours a day at our ATMs on West Panola Street or thousands of other ATMs worldwide*! It's an all-in-one card that is perfect for your busy life!

NEW! Smart Cards and Chip Technology 
What to Know about New Credit and Debit Cards

Future credit and debit cards will contain an embedded computer chip to make your in-person credit and debit card transactions safer than ever before. Download this brochure to read what you need to know about the new debit and credit cards with computer chip technology.

Before you Take you Debit Card Abroad (See Card FAQ's)

If you intend to use your personal debit card abroad, let First State Bank know. Telling us in advance that you’re travelling will notify our transaction monitoring systems you will be using your debit card abroad which in turn will significantly reduce the likelihood of your transactions being blocked. Learn more from our FAQ's page.

Any combination of the following transactions will trigger an alert:

  • International transactions

  • Authorizations greater than $200.00

  • 5 or more transactions in a 24-hour period

  • Card not present (example: online purchases)

  • Declined transaction

  • Transactions outside the cardholder's home state

Easy and Simple

Making purchases with your First State Debit Card is simple! No need to worry about keeping up with your checkbook and identification, you use your First State Debit Card just like a credit card.

Accepted Around the World

You can use your First State Debit Card to make purchases worldwide, at any of the millions of places MasterCard® is accepted. It's great to use on trips, whether you're traveling to the next town or across the world!

Saves Time. Saves Money.

You'll never have to worry about running out of checks or spend your money reordering checks when you run out! The First State Debit Card does everything your checks can do plus more, without the paper checks and check printing fees!

Act Now

Come to the bank and see a New Accounts representative to apply for your First State Debit Card today! You will receive your card within 10 days of approval, and you'll soon learn all the benefits of going checkless!

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* There is no fee for using your First State Debit Card at our First State Bank ATMs on W. Panola in Carthage; however, you may be charged a fee for using your First State Debit Card at any other ATM location.
Please see the First State Bank & Trust Company Debit MasterCard Guide to Benefits for more details and a complete explanation of card benefits. 
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